About S.O.S.

Welcome! Solutions Over Soundbites is precisely what the name says — a place for tough issues to be discussed for the purpose of finding real solutions to the real problems that face our nation (the USA) and our world (while the politicians and other opportunists continue firing off sound-bites, hoping for a little face-time to promote themselves on the TV news — the campaign for the next election is always active).

Although approaching the big problems of our time is done from a conservative and Christian perspective, Solutions Over Soundbites, established in January of 2013, welcomes you — no matter what your beliefs and attitudes — to participate because the best way to arrive at a sound solution is to hear and consider the opinions of many people who have many different perspectives of the same problem as well as solution ideas.

Some of the problems we intend to address that are desperately needing solutions (again, the main focus is the USA):

  • Economy
    • Unemployment
    • Taxes
    • Entitlements
    • Pork barrel spending
    • Debt
    • Budget Deficit
    • Foreign Aid
    • Debased dollar
  • Crime
  • Health Care
  • Energy
  • National Defense
    • Terrorism
      • Overcoming Jihad
      • Defending Against Domestic Threats (like mass shooting sprees)
    • War
  • A Bitterly Divided Nation
  • Third-Rate Education

And the list goes on…

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